Buckeye Barbell Club Changes

Because we are still a new organization and want to constantly improve how we operate, we are experimenting with the following changes to the club. If you have any feedback or suggestions you’d like to share, feel free to contact any of our captains/officers individually or the club as a whole at buckeyebarbell AT gmail.com.

  1. Team Captains
    • We are introducing captains to try and form a more team-like atmosphere.
    • Captains are experienced members who are eager to help. They will continuously update their training schedule in this Google calendar with a day of the week that they are willing to help out with anything (training advice, spotting, recording a set. etc.)
    • They are also required to set a good example for the club, which includes helping out lifters at meets, volunteering at high school meets, making themselves available via email or Facebook to answer questions, and always maintaining a positive relationship with Rec Sports.
  2. Training Schedule
    • We have done away with the regular Tuesday and Friday workouts, although the Sunday workout remains.
    • Instead, check the calendar for days you can train with a captain.
  3. Intraclub Competition
    • Although it is impractical for everyone to train together due to space and time considerations, we want everybody to be able to see their teammates’ progress, both for camaraderie and for friendly competition.
    • Captains will maintain a gym PR leaderboard to add a competitive aspect for the time periods in between meets and for those who do not want to go to sanctioned meets.
    • EVERY member will be encouraged to post PRs to the club Facebook group and/or to send us the videos to post on our Facebook page.

Raw Challenge and Ohio Invitational at the Arnold Sports Festival

This past weekend, we had seven club members compete in the USAPL events at the Arnold Sports Festival.

Starting Strength Pro Raw Challenge

Name Division Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total
Victoria Liang 138 lb Jr 132 270 171 364 805
John Downing 183 lb Open 179 579 336 551 1466

Next Lifter Ohio Invitational

Name Division Weight Bench Deadlift Total
Laurie Gooden 165 Open 163 176 314 491
Matt Guzik 181 Open 172 270 535 805
Shawn Stickley 181 Jr and Open 178 276 529 805
Alex Cramer 198 Open 193 298 518 816
Tim Struve 220 Open 200 303 507 810

View the full results. 

We also supplied loaders and spotters for all of the USAPL events at the Arnold. These are Buckeye Barbell members spotting Mike Tuchscherer as he broke the IPF world records at 120 kg.

Requirements for volunteering at the Arnold include paying club dues, spotting/loading at a high school or intramural competition, and meet experience. In return, our volunteers received free admission to the expo, t-shirts, food, and a chance to watch world records being broken from just a few inches away.

USAPL No Frills Meet 02-22-2014

Name Division Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total
Paul Erney 165 Raw Open 163 225 180 350 755
Dmitry Tumin 165 Raw Open 159 420 220 490 1130
Logan Awwiller 198 Raw Open 198 365 275 440 1080
A.J. Dawes 275 Raw Open 253 565 340 525 1430

The 2014 powerlifting season kicked off with four club members competing in USAPL Michigan‘s No Frills meet. The club lifters combined to make 34 of 36 attempts and break ten PRs. Up next, the club will be competing in the USAPL Battle of the Great Lakes on April 12 in Copley, OH. For a link to the entry form, please see our Competition page.

Full results coming soon.

The Road to the Arnold Sports Festival

This year, Buckeye Barbell will have seven members competing in USA Powerlifting events at the Arnold Sports Festival.

At the Raw Challenge on Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, we’ll have:

  • John C. Downing in the 83 kg open division and
  • Victoria Liang in the 63 kg junior division.

At the Ohio Classic on Sunday from noon to 3 pm, we’ll have

  • Laurie Gooden in the 63 kg open division,
  • Shawn Stickley in the 83 kg open and junior division,
  • Matt Guzik in the 83 kg open division,
  • Timothy J. Struve in the 93 kg open division, and
  • Alex Cramer in the 93 kg open division.

Here are some members’ thoughts and goals for the upcoming meet.

Tim Struve:

Despite previously competing in the 220 lb weight class, I am trying to cut to 198.

I think I can do it, but it’s difficult. My goals are to bench 360+ and to dead lift 550+ and I’ve been lifting four days per week consistently.

Shawn Stickley:

Training has been consistent but intense, and I have hit new PRs in the past few weeks. I started a new overtrain method with bands and other grueling workouts. It’s only been 9 months since I first competed in August and I have only been powerlifting since November of 2012. I’m excited to be competing one of the biggest stages in the country and I’m looking to hit a 300 lb bench and a 585-600 lb deadlift.

John Downing:

“No Citizen has a right to be an amateur In the matter of physical training….What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates


My road to the Arnold seems to be an uphill battle. Training is training as always, but taking baby steps into my first full year of the adult world of work has thrown a wrench into everything. With that being said, I firmly believe in no excuses and though I have multiple priorities, my drive to get stronger has never been higher. I strive, as the quote says, to see what my body is capable of every day. Whether it is in the classroom or under the bar, I push myself to the extreme. Training for the Arnold has been a long process of adjusting numbers and training maxes. The greatest thing I have taken into consideration is the worth of volume and consistency. My last three cycles of my training program have worked off the same training max. I specifically did this in an attempt to hit higher volume and create a consistent platform of strength within my lifting until I am two weeks out from the Arnold. My goals are sky high going up against the best American 181. Who’s to say I cannot take him down? I will be opening in the kilo close equivalent to 550 on squat, 335 on bench, and 550 on deadlift giving me a nice 1435 total from just my openers and a planed finish around 1575. You do the math I will be making some pre-planned and strategic jumps. And as always no citizen has the right to be an amateur……

High School Volunteering 2014

Club volunteers at the Kenton Ridge HS meet

Club volunteers with John Downing at the Kenton Ridge meet

Buckeye Barbell Club volunteers returned to three Springfield-area high school meets this winter as spotters, loaders, judges and scorekeepers. The club volunteered at push-pull meets hosted by Northeastern HS and Kenton Ridge HS, and the full power meet hosted by Shawnee HS. We sold club shirts during each meet to raise money for USAPL Raw Nationals. Thanks to all the volunteers, the meet directors and staff, and KR Social Studies teacher John Downing for helping us continue our involvement with high school powerlifting in Ohio.

Jake and Chris spotting a bench attempt

Jake and Chris spotting a bench attempt

In other news, registration for the Rec Sports bench press tournament will open on February 17. The tournament will be held on Sunday, March 23 at Jesse Owens North with a start time of 1 PM. Pre-registration for the tournament will be through the Rec Sports site; watch for the registration link to be posted on our Events page when registration opens.

The club kicks off the 2014 competition schedule with the No-Frills Meet in Kalamazoo on February 22, the Arnold on February 28 and March 2, and our big meet of this semester, the Battle of the Great Lakes in Copley, OH on April 12. Check out our Competition page for information about upcoming meets and links to meet entry forms.

Tim judging the deadlift

Tim judging the deadlift

Winter News and Upcoming Events

Norm, Tim and Neil run a platform

Norm, Tim and Neil run a platform at the Top Gun meet

Arnold Volunteering Deadline

Sign-ups for volunteering at USA Powerlifting events at the Arnold Sports Festival end January 1, 2014. After January 1,  we will contact volunteers to confirm shift times and their fulfillment of the requirements. If any shift times remain available, late sign ups will take place in late January. To sign up (even if you cannot commit to specific shift times at this point), please use this form: tinyurl.com/arnoldapp2014.

New Club Workout Schedule

There will be three regular club workouts each week, starting Sunday, January 5:

Sunday 2pm, Jesse Owens South
Tuesday 8pm, Jesse Owens South
Friday 6pm, Jesse Owens North

Prospective and returning members, feel free to drop by any of the workout times to check out the club!

Logan spotting a bench attempt

Logan spotting a bench attempt

High School Volunteering

The club traveled to Springfield for the Top Gun push-pull meet, the first high school meet of the season. Club members spotted, loaded, and judged over 100 competitors from Springfield-area schools. The club had a booth at the meet and sold T-shirts to raise money for funding the Raw Nationals team.

Victoria judging the bench press

Victoria judging the bench press

We will be volunteering at two other high school meets this winter, one on January 18 and another on February 1. Please see our Events page for information on high school meet volunteering with the club.

Upcoming Meets

The club will be sending lifters to two meets this spring: the No-Frills meet in Kalamazoo, MI on February 22, and the Battle of the Great Lakes in Copley, OH on April 13. Check out our Competition page for links to entry forms and additional information. Both meets will serve as qualifiers for USAPL Raw Nationals this summer, which requires a raw total in any 2013 or 2014 USAPL meet.

Upcoming Campus Events

The club will be collaborating with Rec Sports again to organize the Bench Press Tournament, to be held Sunday, March 23 at Jesse Owens North at 1 PM. The club has previously worked with Rec Sports to put on the 2013 bench press tournament in the spring and the push-pull tournament in the fall. There will also be a Build Your Bench seminar on February 7 at 4 PM in Jesse Owens North. Both events will require preregistration through Rec Sports.  Additional information about these events, including registration links, will be posted on our Events page. 

Evan and the club booth

Evan and the club booth at the Top Gun meet

First Intramural Push Pull Tournament

Just a day after we brought lifters, handlers, loaders, spotters, and videographers to the USAPL Ohio State meet, we helped Rec Sports run their first ever push-pull (bench and deadlift) tournament on Sunday, November 10 at Jesse Owens North by providing scorers, judges, loaders, and spotters.

View the full results, and also check out our Facebook album and Rec Sports’ facebook album for more photos.

Setting up

Setting up the bench and warm-up area

Free Samples

Free samples of whey and protein jelly beans

Corey, Dmitry, and Robert spotting

Logan Awwiller preparing to bench after loading and spotting at the USAPL meet the day before

Logan Awwiller preparing to bench after loading and spotting at the USAPL meet the day before

Corey Sayer showing off his guns

Corey Sayer showing off his guns before spotting competitors

Tim, Norm, and Troy running the scoring table

Tim, Norm, and Troy running the scoring table


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